5 At-Home Beauty Devices That Work in 90 Seconds

5 At-Home Beauty Devices That Work in 90
One leading at-home beauty device brand has just launched an advanced face mask that works
in 90 seconds to give you salon-worthy skin permanent hair removal. This device glides over the face effortlessly and
uses T-Sonic(tm) pulsations to promote blood circulation and collagen production. Eight varing
LED lights help kill acne-causing bacteria and boost collagen production. Read on to find out
more about this new device! And don’t forget to check out the company’s YouTube video for
more information.

FOREO UFO 2 range I 90-Second Sonic Powered Mask Device
ZIIP device
The ZIIP GX at-home beauty device is the device of choice for celebrities, makeup artists, and
beauty insiders. Its unique design features a patented gel that targets different skin needs. The
Crystal Gel delivers organic ingredients deep into your skin. Its four electrical treatments are
highly effective for improving skin texture and tone. The Energize treatment is ideal for reviving
your skin. The other three electrical treatments target different skin concerns.
Tri Light
The Tri Light at-home beauty device is a great way to give yourself a spa-quality facial without
having to make an appointment. It’s an LED beauty light, twice the size of a traditional handheld.
It contains 120 bulbs – amber/yellow 590nm, red 660nm, and infrared 850nm. This device is
well-made and features handy switches on its Light Deck.
Personal Microderm Classic
The revolutionary Personal Microderm Classic at-home beauty product uses Patented Spinning
Disc technology and Perfectly Calibrated Vacuum Suction to provide the same skin rejuvenation
results as professional in-office microdermabrasion treatments. It reduces the appearance of fine
lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and enlarged pores. The Personal Microderm Classic is available at
retail stores nationwide for an affordable price.

FOREO UFO 2 review before vs after - We Are Body Beautiful
Newa’s 3DEEP technology
The NEWA at-home beauty device is an energy-based radio frequency machine that improves
the appearance of wrinkles, firmness, and radiance. Its patented 3DEEP RF technology was
developed by EndyMed Medical, a leading manufacturer of professional Radio Frequency
devices. Newa uses this technology to deliver RF energy to the deepest layers of skin,
stimulating collagen and elastin production while creating heat. The device’s powerful energy
stimulates the body’s natural rejuvenation process, leaving your skin glowing and refreshed.
Foreo Luna
The Foreo Luna is one of the first at-home beauty devices to use T-Sonic technology to remove

99 percent of makeup and other impurities. Its silicone bristles have rounded tips that help to
improve exfoliation and act as an anti-aging facial massager. Luna is available in three different
colorways to suit different skin types. If you want a device that works on all skin types, you can
purchase the Foreo Luna 3.
DPC Skin Iron
The DPC Skin Iron at-home beauty device is a multi-function device that can provide a number
of premium aesthetic effects within five minutes. It works with the five functions of the skin and
has an exclusive iron shape to improve the absorption of nutrients and discharge waste. The
device helps lift the eyes, improve double chin, and improve the elasticity of the elbows and
stomach area. It is recommended for use by women of all ages, including men.